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Jhunjhunu - The Town
An Undiscovered Gem of India

Jhunjhunu, the ancient capital of Shekhawati lies in the quiet and unhurried desert region of north Rajasthan. Named after Rao Shekhaji, the founder of the Shekhawat clan of Rajputs, this region boast some of the most beautiful towns of Rajasthan.This region has been called the' largest open art gallery in the world'. Jhunjhunu is the district head quarters and ancient capital of Shekhawati, could be the most attractive places for the tourist. It has some of the most beautiful buildings, not to be missed by its visitors.

The main places of interest in the town are - Khetri Mahal with its most unusual sophisticated architecture, the Bihariji Temple with its fine murals, Modi & Tibrewala Haveli are covered with wall paintings, the Rani Sati Temple is unique and the ancient source of water Mertani Baori(step well) and the Reservoir Ajit Sagar, are situated in the town along with Kamarudin Shah Dargah (Saint tomb). There are a number of Chhatri and Wells to be visited in the town.


Places of Tourist Interest in Jhunjhunu

  1. Seth Ishwardas Mohan Das Modi Haveli

  2. Six Havelies of Tibrewala

  3. Makbara of Nawab Samaskhan

  4. Nar Singh Das Tibrewala Haveli

  5. Jorawar Garh

  6. Bihari Ji Temple

  7. Shri Ram Jait Ram Tibrewal haveli

  8. Khetri Mahal (A Wind Palace)

  9. Kamruddin Shah Ki Durgah

  10. Captain Henry Forester’s son’s Majaar

  11. Badalgarh Fort

  12. Mertani Ji Ki Bawari (Stepwell)

  13. Mansha Mata & Badru Ki Johari. A Salubrious tracking

  14. Laxmi Nath Temple

  15. Khetan Haveli

  16. Khetan Bawari (Stepwell)

  17. Rani Sati Temple’

  18. Birdi Chand’s Well

  19. Ajeet Sagar

  20. Bala Bux Tulshan Haveli

  21. Captain Henry Forester’s Gate

  22. Captain Henry Forester’s Radhakrishana Temple

  23. Captain Henry Forester’s Jama Masjid

  24. Cenotaphs of Shekhawat Rulers

  25. Tie & Die, Lacwork, Leather work and Scissors Market (Phootla Market)

  26. Moda Hill Resort – Sunrise Point

  27. Samas Talab

  28. Makbara of Nawab Rohilla Khan

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